Win $1000! Hack-A-Thon for Puerto Rico, sponsored by Anaplan

100 Hacks is proud to host our second hackathon, #100Hacks for Puerto Rico, sponsored by Anaplan.

On December 16 & 17, hackers, thinkers and innovators from different backgrounds will converge to create 100 incredible apps that can drive social and environmental impact.

By doing this, we hope to not only aid with real solutions to help the people of Puerto Rico, but raise awareness of the ongoing rebuilding efforts going on in the country.

Create your team of up to 5 members. Teams can be made of any combination of gender, background, and skillset. We encourage you to put together a diverse team, including those who do not come from a technical background, to have a wide array of ideas of how to solve problems in new and unique ways.

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Teams may include up to two to five members.
Teams may include people with ideas but with no technical background
High school students may participate remotely


A valid submission is an app built at the Hackathon, from start to finish.
This includes a submission to the organizers and a demonstration during the Hackathon. 
Please include a pitch deck, the google play store link, the App store link and a video or photo of the working product.


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End Users

Judging Criteria

  • Usefulness
  • Is the hack practical given its target audience?
  • Is it something that the user base would actually use?
  • Does it fulfill a need people have?